How do I install my email signature?

So you have your email signature designed and ready to go but are stuck wondering what to do next? The simple answer is to install it on your email client.

Email signatures are not directly assigned to your email address but are more accurately associated with your email client. Your email client is the software that you use to read and write emails on (Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook etc). You might use multiple email clients across your various devices, in which cases you may need to install your signature on each of your email clients. If you use the same client across multiple devices, then your signature will likely sync so you'll only have to install it once.

The steps to install your email signature should be pretty similar across all email clients, the generic steps being:

  1. Open your email client's settings

  2. Find the 'signatures' settings page

  3. Add a new signature

  4. Paste in your new signature

  5. Save

There are some caveats to this, such as:

  • Some clients might not allow code pasting

  • Some clients might render the signature slightly differently

In general, these are the steps you should follow. Mailbum makes this easier by providing a "copy" button which writes the email signature to your clipboard which you can then paste into your signature settings, without having to mess with any code.

Mailbum also offers some guides which give you exact steps to follow for a given email client: